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Organization application letter

Ms. Josephine Weinstein

1111 SW Fifth Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97201

April 9, 2010

Ms. Julia Wilson


Chemistry Society

Dear Ms. Wilson,

I have heard so much about your organization and greatly admire the excellent track record it has established in the field of chemistry.  I am highly interested in becoming a member of your organization and would like to apply for membership.

I have a passion for science, especially chemistry, which I took an interest in since I was a child.  I will be graduating this year and I hope to become a researcher in the field.  I deeply believe that science could significantly change our lives for the better.  I know that your organization aims to maximize the use of science in catalyzing significant changes in society and I hope to be part of this mission.  I am willing to submit the necessary requirements and undergo the process to become a member.


Josephine Weinstein

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