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Nursing School Application Letter


Terence Draker,

San Diego.


Human resources officer,

Critical care hospital,

San Diego.

Dear sir/madam,

I, Terence Draker, after reading the details on the official website of your hospital, am applying for being a candidate of the nursing school of your hospital. I have always been in the process of being attached to the medical field. I have the necessary medical education for entering the nursing school and have enclosed a copy of the certificates for the same along with the letter.

Besides the prior educational qualification, I would want to share this fact that I belong to a family dedicated to the medical profession and hence I am well accustomed to all the things and details associated with the concerned profession right from my childhood. I am blessed with excellent communication skills and I am also a proud owner of a healthy body and mind. I hope that, with all these qualities, I will certainly make up for a place in your nursing school.

Yours faithfully,

Terence Draker.

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