Acceptance Letters

Nursing Program Acceptance Letter


Martin Mathews

3-K, second floor, Henry street

Birmingham, UK


10th May 2012

Subject: Acceptance to the Nursing Program

Dear Mr. Mathews

This is regarding the nursing program offer that you had sent to me 5 days back. I am extremely happy and glad to be accepting the nursing program titled ‘Auxiliary nurse and Midwife’ in your nursing centre. I cannot believe that I have been selected as one of the nurses and would like to express to you that I will give it my best shot and would bring in all of my knowledge, dedication and hard work to the program.

Nursing has always been my field of interest as I wanted to serve the people in the best way I could. I have completed my 2 year training from an accredited institute and have also passed the Nursing examination board with distinction. Your nursing centre is a dream destination for all those who are interested in this field and I am lucky to be a part of it.

Please sir, let me know about the joining date and other formalities that needs to be completed so that I can make necessary ticket arrangements and other preparations.

Thanking you

Sarah Peters

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