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News Article Complaint Letter

December 5, 2010

Ms. Letty Hill


The Daily Tribune

Dear Ms. Letty:

This is in reference to a news article published in your paper last December 3, 2010 entitled “More private firms to ax employees.” I am one of the interviewees mentioned in the article. While I commend the reporter for having a balanced article, I have some issues on how my statements were phrased.

The article quoted me saying: “We are actually having problems in our operations given the economic crisis we are experiencing. We have no choice but to terminate some employees in the coming months. At least 50 employees will lose their jobs, I think.”

While that is the actual statement I said, I think the reporter forgot to mention the sentence following that statement. During the interview, I said the company is trying its very best to help the employees. I think it is important to mention the context of the said statement as well. I was asked on what-ifs and I actually stated a hypothetical statement on the termination of employees. The “at least 50 employees” that will be fired is not absolute, and was stated under the condition that the company would have bigger losses.

I felt I needed to write this comment to assure our employees that the company is doing everything to save them from unemployment. I hope I am making myself clear.

Thank you very much and more power.


Kathy Baker

General Manager

Air 21 Inc.

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