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New course announcement letter

Dr. Anna John


California College

January 6, 2011

To all students,

A happy new year to everyone!

We would like to announce that we will be offering new courses in the coming academic year as agreed upon by the School Board.  The new courses will be in the following areas:  Science-related courses (biotechnology, laser physics, thermodynamics, biochemistry), and arts (theater, journalism, communication).  Please see the attached list for complete details of the courses as well as the prerequisite courses before you can enroll in the said courses.

The new courses are a result of discussions among the school board and professors about competing with global standards.  It is our way of advancing education and ensuring that our students are at par with other universities.  We enjoin everyone qualified to enroll in the new courses.  We are hoping that this development will help you advance your career.

We wish everyone the best in their studies!

Dr. Anna John

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