Announcement Letters

New CEO Announcement Letter


All the employees

London Financial Services

89, Financial Towers, Central London


20th July 2012

Subject: New CEO announcement letter.

Dear Employees

I consider it to be my pleasure to announce that Mr. Finn Cook will be joining our company on 1st August 2012 as the new CEO of our company. He has been previously associated as the CEO of one of our competitor company Bounty Financial Services Limited. Mr. Cook is well known for the intelligent marketing practices which changed the fortune of his past company. Mr. Cook has been a veteran in the financial services industry for the last 25 years and his contribution towards the sector has been phenomenal. He has completed his masters in business administration from the London college of Management in the year 1985.

Hope that our organization grows much bigger and stronger under the efficient leadership of Mr. Cook. I would request all my colleagues to be present in the auditorium hall of the company at 10 o’clock on 1st August 2012 where a small felicitation ceremony for our newly appointed CEO would be held as per the norms of the company.

Thanking you

Hennery Fletcher

Director (Centre for Human Resource Department)

London Financial Services

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