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New branch congatulations letter

Mr. Ray Leno

Mammoth Ave

Sherman Oaks, CA 91401

February 9, 2010

Ms. Bernadette Leno


Sensual Scents

Dear Bernadette,

Father called me last week and told me that you have expanded your business and will be opening a new branch for your perfume store next week.  Congratulations, sister!

I know that I was apprehensive at first when you told us that you were putting up your own business right after graduation.  I underestimated you and thought of you as my little sister who I should take care of.  I guess you have proven that you are very capable of taking care of yourself and that you can stand on your own feet.  I am overflowing with joy that your business is doing so great that you are able to open a new branch.  Don’t worry, I am a loyal customer of yours and I always bring my friends to your store.

I wish you more success in the coming years.



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