Announcement Letters

New Agent Announcement Letter


All our esteemed customers and employees

67, Industrial Building, Central London


20th July 2012

Sub-New agent announcement letter

Dear Customers and employees

I am writing this letter to inform you that the management of the company has granted the permission to M/s McLeod Consultancy Services as the official agent of our company. The company has being authorized to sell all the insurance products and plans of KIC Life Insurance Corporation. All the staff of our company is hereby directed to make a note of it and they are directed to accept the insurance policy payment from M/s McLeod Consultancy Services. All the loyal customers of our company are notified that all the transaction made through our new agent is safe and valid. The customers are requested to report us any misbehavior from the authorized agents of M/s McLeod Consultancy Services directly to our company. The customers are directed to pay their annual premium in the form of pay order instead of cash to the authorized agents of M/s McLeod Consultancy Services in order to avoid any chances of manipulation.

Hope for a long standing professional relationship with M/s McLeod Consultancy Services and best wishes for the future of the company.

Yours Sincerely

Harry Brown

Manager (Marketing Department)

KIC Life Insurance Corporation

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