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Mortgage Solicitation Letter

Brian Robinson,

Chairman and MD,

Robinson and Co,



June 04, 2011

Dear Mr. Robinson,

I have heard that you have been looking for big house for last several months. When I have heard this news I thought that I have found the right person to mortgage my house. I am in desperate need of money and thinking that I should raise such fund by mortgaging my old house which is situated in west California.

I have not been using the house since I have shifted to Apple Valley. I have heard a lot about that you have lot of interest in mortgaging of property and also taking care of the property. I hope that you will show interest in my house and will pay the right amount for that.

For additional information about the property you can contact me any time at my address or cell phone which I am providing below.

Thank You,

Yours Truly,

Thomas Taylor,

Apple Valley, 7001,



Mo. 9800001111

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Solicitation Letters

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