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Mobile Phone Line Cancellation Letter

December 1, 2010

Mr. William Robinson

Customer Service Head

Globe Communications

Dear Mr. Robinson:

This is to inform you that I want my phone line be cancelled as soon as possible. I have been having problems in using my mobile phone as I cannot call often. I have been trying to call your customer service support, but they keep on telling me that they will investigate the matter. It’s been a month and the same problem still occurs. I got no action from your company, hence, I think it is better to just terminate your service. I think I am only wasting my money for the services I do not really avail.

I hope to get a response from your end in 48 hours so we can finalize the matter. I hope you can act on this so your other clients would not get affected gravely like your service did to me.

Thank you and good luck to your company.


Andrea Young

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