Fundraising Letters

Mission Trip Fundraising Letter


Jack Ripper

Communications Manager

Nestle Private Limited

34 Jelly Bean Road

Oscar City, South Dakota 4589

Dated: 12th of April 2012

Respected Mr. Ripper,

This is to inform you that we are planning for a mission trip to treat individuals suffering from health issues in the tribal areas. We need to raise fund in order to make this mission trip successful.

We are aware about the contributions of your organization towards various charitable causes. We are planning this mission trip for a charitable cause as you must aware that the inhabitants of tribal areas have no access to health facilities. We intend to set up medical camps in the location they inhabit. We will have to hire a team of experienced doctors and nurses for this cause.

We are hoping that you would help us in the fund raising process by making a monetary contribution.

Thanking you,

Laura Miles

Communications Manager

Help Full Organization

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