Apology Letters

Medical Apology Letter


Mr Rick,

Royal Chemist and Druggist,



Dr Veronica,

Cross Check Clinic,


Dear Dr Veronica,

This letter has been sent to convey extreme apologies for the blunder which we have resulted in supplying the irrelevant medical accessories for the machine which you have intimated. The cause of this unfortunate mistake is a human error in the orders getting swapped between the two clinics. We take entire responsibility for the mistake which we have caused and express our apologies in this regard. We assure you that such erroneous events shall not be occurring in the future and we would reflect more responsibility in our approach and delivery of various medical products.

As far as the mistaken accessories are concerned, we would be providing them at the earliest. We wish to offer no charge on these accessories as a part of our apologies. We are hopeful that the relations between the two of us remain steady in spite of this event. Looking forward to bright and steady business relation,

Yours sincerely,

Mr Rick

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