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MBA Admission Cover Letter

August 5, 2009

Office of Admission

School of Management

East Coast University

421 Pacific Coast Highway

San Francisco, California 95172

Dear Sir/Madam:

It has come to my interest to apply in your institutions School Management MBA program after reading your advertisement in Daily Inquirer. I graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in University of California. With a wide background on Management and Business administration, I know that I can adapt well to the policies and programs of your institution.

I have worked for three years in a company with international links and connections on banking and my experiences entails a wide setup of an extensive scale alongside with my strong statistical and analytical skill. My extensive experiences have given me a perspective on the demands for this kind of field. I am very pleased to observe the high quality and excellent programs that your Institution is offering in conjunction with the nice environment suited for learning.

I would be really grateful in discussing with you the different points of your programs. Herewith is my attached resume and you may contact me on the address stated in my resume or through my mobile number +6309293456789 for a scheduled interview at your own available time.

I am looking forward to being given a chance to be a part of your institution.


Margaret Stevenson

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