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Journalism Cover Letter

August 5, 2009

Human Resources Department

Swiss, Inc.

23 South Minor Avenue

Emmaus, PA 18098

Dear Sir/Madam:

As a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Journalism, my attention was caught by your company’s advertisement on the television about the vacancy for the position of a journalist. I opt to apply for that certain position.

I am proficient at news coverage and can pass a well reputable and organized feature story on deadline. My qualification stands for a series of experiences that is of great importance as a journalist. These experiences have given me the opportunity to make a difference amongst other and contribute to a set of related areas within the context of my profession. In addition, my previous work teaches and shapes my potentials to further improve my skills and ability. I am truly confident that the position is suited on my part. I know that my contributions to your company will certainly not a waste of time.

I would appreciate the chance and possibility to be a part of your team. Please do contact me to my mobile number attached to the resume for a scheduled interview at your own availability. I will be pleased to meet you personally and talk about the details of my qualifications.

Thank you for your kind consideration in reading my application.

Very truly yours,

Robert White

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