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Master Distributor Agreement Letter

Mr. Michael Bevan,

Marketing Heads,

Lilly Textile Products,




Hello Mr. Bevan

First of all thank you for choosing us as the master distributor for your company Lilly Textile Products. We have gone through an agreement between Lilly Textile Products and Prime American Distributors dated 3/5/2011. The agreement will last for coming two years that means till then we will work as the distributor of your company.

According to the agreement

We will work for coming two years as the distributor of your company.

We must have to achieve the target of $10000 every month. If we are able to cross the target you will allow us to take margin of 10% on the extra distribution.

We will be allowed to take margin of 7% on the normal distribution.

We cannot take the possession of your goods more than 3 months.

You will allow us the credit period of at least 30days which will also be subject 5days grace period.

If you are agreed to all the five major terms of the agreement then counter sign the letter and please resend the letter to us.

Yours Truly,

George Mathew


Prime American Distributors


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Agreement Letters

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