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Distribution Agreement Letter


Kevin Collingwood,

ABC Cosmetic products,




Dear Sir,

Sub- Agreement letter confirming the Distribution agreement

Ref- Letter dated 3/10/2011 asking confirmation for the agreement.

We will be pleased to go ahead in performing the distribution agreement from our side which has been made between ABC Cosmetic Products and Reliable American Distributors, dated 3/5/2011. As per this agreement we will be responsible for the distribution of your products to the retailers in the state.

As per the agreement we are ready to work as a prime distributor of your products in the state market. We will be bound to distribute your products to all well known retailers in the state. As per the agreement we suppose to achieve the target of $800 turnover every month.

As per the agreement you will provide us 2.5% margin on the selling of your products which will also be subject to some more margin if we will be able to cross the target of $1500 every month for which you will allow us to take margin of 4% on extra distribution over the average of $800.

We are glad to say you that we ready to perform the contract. Could you tell us when we should start the work?

Thanking you,

Yours Truly,

Mathew Sinclair


Reliable American Distributors



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