Solicitation Letters

Marketing Solicitation Letter


Ms. Libby Lawrence,

893 Blackville Road, Waco

June 11, 2012

Subject: Marketing solicitation letter for sale of property

Dear Ms Lawrence,

I, Matthew Break, am writing on behalf of Green Leaf Realtors, and would like to offer you help regarding selling your land. Selling land can be a tedious affair as one needs to be aware of and deal with numerous laws and procedure even if one has a potential buyer. Moreover, there is much paperwork involved because of which you not only lose time but also need to put in a lot of effort in spite of your busy schedule. I would like to inform you about our company which specializes in these services; it is our job to know the details of the land selling process and we are here to help you. Our company has a team of dedicated individuals who know about the real estate and all the formalities associated with buying or selling of property.

If you want to sell your land in the shortest possible time and also get a good amount in return, call us so that we can fix a sound marketing plan for you. Our phone number is 787382392.

Thank you for your time.

Yours sincerely

Matthew Break

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