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Magazine subscription cancellation

September 25, 2010
Ms. Emily Thompson

Sales Manager

Mother’s Forum

North Mymms

Hatfield, AL8 7TA

Dear Ms. Thompson,

This is to inform you that I have decided to cancel my monthly subscription of your magazine, Mother’s Forum, effective immediately.  I read your magazines cover to cover and enjoy the concise content of your articles. Unfortunately, I will no longer be in needing your magazine in printed format as I have already begun availing your magazines through e-mail since last month.

I have been assured by the editor of your magazine’s web format that the web formats contain the same content as those availed through e-mail.  Please send the last of my subscription for this month.  I have already paid for subscriptions until this month and have no unpaid dues.

Please confirm the cancellation of my subscription through a written reply sent to my residential address.

Thank you and more power to your magazine.

Yours truly,

Mrs. Christine Fidler

North Street

St. Andrews, KY15 9AJ

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