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Love Letter Ideas

Nowadays, with the birth of text messages and electronic mails, people have forgotten the magic of a written love letter. It may sound corny to some but it never fails to soften someone’s heart. Here are some ideas on how you can make a sweet and thoughtful letter for you special someone:

  • You can always choose to follow templates but do not forget to put personal touches to it. It is the personal touches that make your letter unique and romantic.
  • Write with a free-flowing mind. You may not come-up with the most coherent letter but it ensures that you bring out your true emotions while writing it. This makes the feeling stronger your reader, who is your loved one; somehow feel what you feel for her.
  • Do not be shy to use “I miss you” and “I love you” if that is really how you feel.
  • If you are into poetry, you can inject your favorite phrases or your own original composition. You can also use songs and other works of art and other expressions of love.
  • Finally, do not let the person know that you are giving him or her a letter. Try to be creative in sending it. Surprise always works well with love letters!

Write your love letters now and enchant the heart of your special someone.

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