Breakup Letters

Love Breakup Letter


Allan Smith

14 Forest Drive

Dallas, Texas


I am writing this letter to tell you that I cannot continue our relationship. Please don’t take me wrong, but you also know this very well that we are two very different people, with entirely different life styles, viewpoints and thoughts. No matter how much we try but we can never live happily with each other.

I hope you’ll understand me and will respect my decision. We have been trying to adjust our lives according to each other and in this process we have lost the love which we used to have between us. I think we took the decision of staying together very early, and we both are very different. We can never be happy with each other. So I have taken this decision and I hope you’ll also deal with this with maturity

We can always be friends and I know one day you’ll find a girl with whom you’ll spend all your life happily. I wish all the happiness for you.


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