Congratulations Letters

Long Service Congratulations Letter


Fred Charlie

Sales Manager

Glow Enterprises Limited


6th September 2012

Subject: Long service congratulations letter

Respected Mr. Charlie,

On behalf of Glow Enterprises Limited, I send this letter to you to congratulate you for providing such a long service of 10 years. It has been a great honour and privilege to work with you for so long.

For over 10 years, you have been an integral part of this organisation. Many of the employees have gone and come but you are one such example that is a role model for all of us. You have been an invaluable member of this organisation. Be it working hours, leisurely hangouts or the lunch outings, you were a true manager to us. The 10 years of meritorious service that you have provided at the sales department at Glow Enterprises Limited is greatly appreciated and honoured by each of the person working here. We always had this faith in you that our customers are surely in the good hands when they were with you.

I again congratulate you for providing 10 years of long service to this organisation. I am grateful to you for your invaluable presence and dedication. Your services to this organisation are a great example to the fellow employees.


With regards,

Louis Carry

General Manager

Glow Enterprises Limited

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