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Letter of Recommendation Residency

To Whom It May Concern:

I have known your institution for a short span of time to be honest with you. However, the facts that I have seen convinced me of the advantages that a person can have from your kind patronage.

I wish to domicile a friend’s daughter in your care but I know that she will be a complete stranger, as you barely know her parents. Therefore, I wish to recommend her to you. As your parish priest, I know of the kindness you always extend to those who need help. She too needs your help and I know you will not deny it.

Her parents are willing to undertake all the necessary expenses that she will incur during her stay with you. I will vouch for their character and faith in God. As the person who has been their spiritual counselor for many years, I know who they really are. I am then in a perfect position to make a recommendation on them.

Accept my apologies for being so forthwith in my manners. But I feel that a residency with you is the best residence I could offer them.


Rev. O’Brien

Parish Priest

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