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Letter of Recommendation Medical Residency

To Whom It May Concern:

Dr. Edward Burns is a fresh graduate from a reputable business school who wish to have more training in medical practice. Your medical school has been known to be a top-rated institution for the past fifty years. His intention to apply for a medical residency on your school has been a decision that was based on your spotless record of accomplishment.

To add to his already distinguished credentials, I am advancing my recommendation for him through this letter. He is a young man who wants to be a good doctor someday and would want nothing but the best training ground to magnify his knowledge and hone his skills.

He has good character, comes from a decent family and is a distinguished medical student. In fact he was consistently an honor student and his dean could vouch for that fact.

I hope that my recommendation will serve his purpose of being taken under the fold of your medical supervision. Your institution was the only answer I could give to his query on medical residency. I submit this letter so you will know how sincerely I am offering my recommendation for him.

Thank you very much.


Dr. Frank Chenney

Senior Medical Director


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