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Job Recommendation Letter

To Whom It May Concern:

It is with great honor and respect for me to recommend to you Mr. Joshua Sanders, our Assistant Media Director. As one of his mentors here in our company, I was able to see his dedication and determination to do his best in everything. When he first stepped into our office, we admit that we doubted him as someone who has the ability to do the job, but then he has proven us wrong.

His job required him to be different, to be unique and to be the best he could ever be. We were always impressed with him. There is always creativity and sense of uniqueness in his work outputs. Truly, he was able to give our department a significant difference with other companies.

I believe that he would give success to your company just as what he did with ours. Though we would not want to see him go, we want him to excel in other areas as well. Moreover, we believe that your company would bring him also to the best that he can be.

John Wakefield

Team Leader

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