Cancellation Letters

Letter cancellation test

Smith Johnson,

Chief Finance Executive,

PDE Corporation,

45, Beverly Boulevard,

Los Angeles, CA – 90036.

Phone: 1 458 789 6984.

Date: June 5th, 2010.

Scott Liar,

Orange Techno Center,

4785, Front Street,

San Diego, CA 92101.

Phone: 1 866 524 5870.

Dear Mr. Scott,

I am really sorry to cancel our meeting appointment that was scheduled on 10th June, 2010 at 11PM, slated at your head office as I am leaving to Washington, DC for private reasons. I recognize that this meeting was of great significance for development of both companies. I would reschedule the appointment after coming back to town. My personal secretary will contact your office to fix up an appointment.

As my mother is suffering from heart problems for an extended time period, our family doctor has directed her to undergo a heart surgery in Washington, DC. The surgery is schedule on 7thJune, and I am leaving to Los Angeles to take care of her before and after surgery. As a result, I am taking off from all official commitments and will be back on 12th June, 2010. I sincerely hope this wouldn’t disturb your official schedule. Heartfelt sorry for the inconvenience caused and I am looking forward to meet you in person before rescheduling the meeting.

With warm regards,

Smith Johnson

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