Cancellation Letters

Cancellation letter example

Date: June 1st, 2010

Austin Rey,

Denver Service Company,

145, Butchel Boulevard,

Denver, CO – 80210.

Subject: Subscription cancellation request

Dear Mr. Austin Rey,

I am hereby sending this written notice to consider the cancellation of my subscription from June 15th 2010. I would greatly appreciate you if you were to send me a written affirmation for the same in less than 30 days, mentioning that termination has been set into effect.

With this cancellation request letter, I have enclosed a bank cheque worth 350 dollars as the final payment towards outstanding payment of my subscription. Kindly ensure that no additional payments would be applied to my account.

Subscription details for your information:

Name: Cusack

Subscription Number: VHG – 258976/09.

Subscription Plan: Annual-175 Plan.

Once again I would thank your company’s timely attention for this matter. In case you need any information for processing the cancellation request, kindly reach me through phone.



125, West Burgundy Street,

Highlands Ranch, CO – 80129.

Phone: +1 123 987 4650.

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