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Legal Assistant Cover Letter

15th July 2009

Mr. Thomas Reed,

Reed and Taylor Associates,

56, Whitefield Park,

Fairfield CT 06050

Dear Mr. Reed,

At the behest of Mr. McGuire, I am sending my application for the post of Legal Assistant at your esteemed offices. I am enclosing my resume for your perusal and action.

I have been associated with Mr. McGuire’s firm for the past two years as his legal assistant, and am well versed in the duties and responsibilities of a legal assistant.

As a Certified Legal Assistant, I excel in drafting depositions, contracts and other allied material that may be needed for a particular case. In addition, I am a expert professional in the various computer software used by your firm. I also have excellent researching abilities, which I believe is absolutely necessary in this line.

I am immediately available for an interview and you may call me at (203) 555-6767 at your convenience.

Thanking you for the consideration and awaiting your response at the earliest.


Amanda Rhodes

Amanda Rhodes

Encl. Resume

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