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Law Clerk Cover Letter

15th July 2009

Mr. Derek Thompson,

Thompson, McGuire and Ronaldson Associates,

56, Whitefield Park,

Fairfield CT 06050

Dear Mr. Thompson,

I am law student currently completing in my second year and majoring in Criminal Justice Law. I am applying for the position of Law Clerk at your prestigious firm in response to your advertisement and am enclosing my resume for your perusal. 

I am aware that your firm deals with criminal law cases and having already done my internship last year at Ross and Taylor, I am well versed in the duties and responsibilities of a law clerk. Apart from my excellent writing and drafting skills, I pride my excellent researching abilities, which enable me to gather all required material for a case. I am very systematic in my work and was applauded for my thorough research at Ross and Taylor.

I would like an opportunity to be able to discuss my candidature with you for the same. Please feel free to call me at (203) 444-5656 at your convenience.

Thanking you for the consideration and hoping to hear from you.


Ray Waters

Ray Waters

Encl. Resume

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