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Leave Request Letter

Michael Black

13, Victoria Apartments

New Jersey

23rd October, 2007.


Mr. Rupert Wolfe


XYZ Company

New York

Ref: Leave Letter

Dear Mr. Wolfe,

I request you to kindly grant me two days’ leave on 25th and 26th October as I have to attend to some important family matters.

I am well aware that the project I am working on is nearing the deadline and I can reassure you that we shall be able to meet with the deadline.  I have briefed my team members and they are quite capable of handling it in my absence.

I have also left my contact numbers with the HR department as well as the team members and they can reach me at all times during the two days I am away.

I seek your approval and sanction of leave at the earliest.

Thanking You,


Michael Black

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