Leave Letters

Leave Extension Letter

Gabriel Black

13, Victoria Apartments

New Jersey

23rd January, 2008.


Mr. Rupert Wolfe


XYZ Company

New York

Ref: Application for Leave Extension

Dear Mr. Wolfe,

As you are aware I am currently on Maternity leave for a period of 12 weeks which I have started availing from 1st November, 2007.  Due to certain unforeseen Gynecological complications I have been advised to take complete bed rest for some more time.  In view of this, I wish to apply for an extension of leave for a period of four week.  As I have not availed my annual leave, I would like this extended leave to be considered as the Annual Leave.

I request you to kindly extend my leave from 14th February to 14the March, 2008.  I have enclosed all relevant medical documents required for my application.

I await your approval,

Thanking You,


Gabriel Black

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