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Leave Application Letter


Hagret Lawrence,

Junior manager,

Marketing department,

TRIGGER telecom.


Smith Adams,

Manager, marketing department,

TRIGGER telecom.

Dear Mr. Smith,

I, Hagret Lawrence, the junior manager of the marketing department, am writing this letter in utter desperation. The letter comes in your attention for pleading a leave of 2 weeks. I have been working for the last 18 months under your extremely comfortable guidance on a regular basis. This is not to make you aware of the fact that I have been serving without any leave for 18 months; rather I am liable to do so.

This letter is for seeking permission from your side to take a leave of 2 weeks from my work. I am in the peak of my health and the reason for seeking leave is to fulfil certain personal commitments. I assure you that I will resume the work as soon as possible. I will certainly be completing all my pending assignments. The situation has become desperate on my part and granting leave permission will work wonders.

Yours sincerely,

Hagret Lawrence.

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