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Law Cover Letter

Law is a very demanding subject matter. When it comes to working with the law, you need to combat the demands of the law-related positions you wish to apply. Part of you gesture would be writing a cover letter. A cover letter can be you frontline to having a good job position. Here is a sample of a law cover letter.

Law Cover Letter

July 1, 2009

Mr. Henry Hattone

Hattone and Hattone Law Firm

486 Rounds, Apt. 1A

London, England

Dear Mr. Hattone:

I had a great time listening to your discussion last Monday. I am writing this letter to express my interest in Hattone and Hattone Law Firm. As I mentioned during our conversation, I would love to have the honor to volunteer at your office next month. I have read your firms internship program and I am very much convinced that an internship at you law office will provide me with the best experience to hone my skills.

I am certain that a volunteer internship in Hattone and Hattone law firm is the experience I am looking for. I believe that my analytical meticulousness, creativity, and enthusiasm will allow me significantly contribute to your office. I will call your firm to talk to you again about my position. Thank you very much for your time and thoughtfulness.


Anna Micheals

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