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If you think that you are really qualified for a Human Resource Manager position, you can write as effective as this sample HR cover letter. Show your confidence to the agency you are applying to by asking questions about your expected job and enumerating your credentials and experiences relating to your profession.

12th November 2001

Mr. Samuel Cruz

Grand Entrance Hotel

444 JJJ Street

Carpenteria, CA 88833

Dear Mr. Cruz:

I have received an email inviting me to apply for the Human Resource Manager you are looking for. To be an effective manager, the following questions must be answered upon my application for the position: Does your company needs effective hiring, training and recruiting strategies? Will your company develop more and be more competent in the market with more competent people that will be part of your company?

Though the race in the world market is huge and seems very difficult, this must not be a hindrance for your company’s development. When planning for a big development for your company, first you should seek for experienced qualified staffs like myself.

As a Human Resource Manager in my past jobs, I executed programs that had big contribution in the company. For more details about me, please review my resume and certificates attached with this cover letter.

I will be waiting for your call to discuss how I can perform well in your company.


Michelle Fox

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