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Journal Of Marketing Letter


Lame Hamilton,

Cross Marketing Printers Pvt. Ltd.,

Wisconsin 54887


Billy Watson,

Hallmark Commercial Co., 2UA Technology Park,

New York 574490

Dear Mr. Billy,

I am, Lame Hamilton, from Cross Marketing Printers Pvt. Ltd. have a great offer which provides you a journal full of marketing ingredients.  This will provide your marketing personnel up-to-date information on your related sector.  Not only it will give you detail information but also view points of topnotch company CEOs who will be presenting their tools on how to get more aggressive without spending more.  What I am offering to your company will definitely bring out positive results within your company in a very limited timeframe.

We have a subscription offer wherein you not only save 25%, but also get a chance to figure out in our journal for best marketing tool utilization by your company.  So, I am sure that our book is more interactive in terms of readers against those competitors.  I certainly believe that you will have an upper hand while you take into account of its potential in near future.

Yours Truly,

Lame Hamilton

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