Congratulations Letters

Job Promotion Congratulations Letter


Mr. Potter,

Head of the sales department,

DBY mall


Ms. Lewinsky,

Junior manager,

Sales department,

DBY mall

Dear Ms. Lewinsky,

I, Mr. Potter, the head of the sales department of the DBY mall, would like to exploit this opportunity to congratulate you for the promotion from the post of junior manager to the post of manager in the sales department. In the recent days, the sales have been on a constant rise and the efforts which you have put in for this sake has reflected well. The organization wanted to appreciate this endeavor of yours and hence the promotion has been put into effect.

Within a time period of nearly one week, all the formalities shall be completed and you shall assume the promoted stature. The promotion is also a reflection of the faith in your efforts which the organization has. Now, it is your responsibility to not only keep up the good work record but to also shoulder this faith with sheer responsibility. Conveying you the heartfelt warm congratulations,


Mr. Potter.

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