Job Letters

Job Letter Template


Name (Specify the name of the Job Seeker)

Address (Write down the complete address of the Job Seeker)

City/ State (Include the name of the city and state)

Pin Code (Mention the pin code)

Date (Mention the date on which the letter is being sent)

Subject: State the purpose of writing the letter in one line

Dear Mr. /Ms. / Mrs. ___________

We saw your profile on the _______ [mention the source where you saw the profile of the candidate] and came to know that you are seeking a job for ________ [name of the job position] position. We would like to inform you that our company, _______ [name of the company] is looking for young talent for its ______ [name of the department.]

We found your profile suitable as per our requirement and would request you to walk-in at our branch office at _________ [address of the office] on the _________ [date on which the interview is arranged] to appear for a round of interview.

Please revert back to confirm your presence for the interview.

Thanking you,

Name (Name of the sender)

Designation and Department (Mention the person’s designation and name of the Department)

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