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Mr. Roger Morrison,                                                                                                                        Executive Director,                                                                                                                        People with Disabilities Foundation

430 Smithson Drive, Suite 500
Chicago, IL 32956

Dear Mr. Morrison

The purpose of this letter is to formally invite you, on behalf of the Board of Directors, to be the Closing Keynote Speaker at the upcoming 2006 IDCRI Conference.

The theme of this conference is “Disabling the Disability ­ Looking It Straight In the Eye”. It will be held at the Mountain-view Conference Facility, in Birmingham, Derby from December 3 to 5, 2006.

For you information, Susan Mellow of Taming the Environment will be the opening Keynote Speaker. The provisional title of her presentation is “The Disabled Environment ­ Can We Help It?” We will forward a complete draft speaker program to you in a couple of weeks to give you an idea of the specific subjects that will be covered by the other speakers.

We expect attendance this year to be the highest ever; in the area of 2,000 delegates and 150 speakers. This includes a large contingent from our new European Chapter that is based in London. You may have heard that Dr. Walton Stevenson will be presenting a major paper on his latest research into “Genetic Re-Engineering”. We are already receiving inquiries from all over the world about Dr. Stevenson’s presentation.

In closing, we would be pleased and honored if you would consent to be our closing speaker at the 2006.  I will call you in a week or so to follow up on this.

ICDRI Conference.
Yours sincerely,

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