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Commend an Employee

October 27, 2010
To: Ms Margeret Thatcher

Administrative Officer

From: Robert Nixon, CEO

Ms. Thatcher

We are pleased to commend you for the excellent performance of your duty during the period from1.1.2010 to 30.09.2010. Your efforts are very much appreciated. Devoted and tireless contributions of valued employees like yourself are needed to help our company
grow and be more responsive to our customers and employees.

On behalf of the company and your associates, we salute you for a job well done and wish you continue to work in the same spirit for your own betterment as well as in the organization’s growth.

The company’s operating results during the 3 quarters ending 30th September 2010 have shown improved results and perhaps it has been due to your own credible performance. We value your performance as guiding factor for fellow employees to do similarly better so that the organization grows with everyone’s effort.

Thank you once again,


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