Interview Letters

Interview Letters

Interview letters are constructed by employers after the screening process for potential candidates have been done of all the submitted resumes. This letter must be formulated critically and it is important that special attention is given to the structure of the letter. It needs to be brief yet must convey the required information to the candidate. The letter essentially conveys that the concerned candidate has been selected for the interview for a particular company. This needs to be formatted in straightforward and professional tone, highlighting important points that the candidate must keep in mind for the interview. Some essential points to keep in mind are:

The shortlisted candidate’s name must be clearly stated towards the beginning of the letter. This may also include contact information or a specialized code/number that has been assigned by the company.

The interview letter must have a congratulatory formal address made to the candidate. This would boost the confidence of the candidate to excel in the interview process.

There should also be mention of details such as time and date of the interview for the candidate.

The interview letter should also contain contact information of the employer/company which the candidate can refer to incase of any queries.

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