Interview Letters

Interview Letter Template

____________ [Name of the company]

_____________ [Address line 1]                                                Date: __ [dd]/ ___ [mm]/ ___ [yy]

_____________ [Address line 2]


_________________ [name of the recipient or shortlisted candidate for interview]

__________________ [address line 1]

__________________ [address line 2]

Application Id: __________________ [specify the application number of the candidate]

Subject: Shortlisted for the Interview Session

Dear________________ [name of the shortlisted candidate],

After reviewing your job application and the resume, you have been shortlisted for the interview process of the job position“____________________” [title of the job position]. This letter confirms a telephonic/ personal interview on _____________ [specify the date in dd-mm-yy format], ___________ [specify the day] at ___________ [time of conducting the interview session] in __________________________ [if it’s a personal interview then specify the location details in brief].

This interview session would consist of _______________ [specify various aspects of the particular interview session]

For further details contact undersigned.

__________________ [name of the concern individual]

__________________ [title of the concern individual]

__________________ [contact details]

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