Internship Letters

Internship Verification Letter


Ed Wilson

Communicate Advertising Agency

23 York Shire Road

Holly Wood, Los Angeles 3490

Dated: 1st of April 2012

Subject: Verification for internship

Respected Mr. Wilson,

I, marketing manager of Gas Garments Limited would like to inform you that Roger Moore who has applied for an internship in client servicing department of your organization was working with us.

Roger has worked with us for tenure of six months beginning from 29th September 2011 to 29th March 2012 in the position of a marketing executive. He has always been a hard working employee and never failed to meet his targets bringing revenue to the organization. We have never received single complaint against him from the customer. Even when he resigned, he did so by serving a one month notice period. We have relieved him from his duties.

I can assure you that he would be an asset for your organization.


Tim Burton

Marketing Manager

Gas Garments Limited

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