Internship Letters

Internship Offer Letter


Owen Wilson

Off Shore Apartments

34 East Side Street

New York, New Jersey 5467

Dated: 2nd of May 2012

Subject: Letter for offer for internship

Dear Owen,

We would like to inform you that you have been selected for the position of an intern in the client servicing department of our organization and consider this letter as your internship offer letter.

You had appeared for an interview in our organization on 20th of April 2012. We were very impressed with the way you presented yourself in the interview and after discussion with the higher management we have decided to give you the offer. Your internship period begins from 10th of May 2012 and will last for a period of six months. Your reporting time will be ten in the morning and you will be reporting to the client servicing department head.

We hope to see you on 10th of May 2012.


John Woo

Recruitment Manager

Bates Advertising

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