Admission Letters

Internship Admission Letter


Mark Valdes

67, Residential Towers, Western London


20th July 2012

Subject: Internship admission letter

Dear Mr. Mark

I am writing this letter to inform you that you have been selected for doing summer internship as software developer trainee for three months starting from 15th August 2012. You are requested  confirm your approval  by sending a written reply to our office. You will be eligible for a stipend of $2500 per month which will be paid proportional to the no of attendance recorded in a particular month. You have to work for five days a week form 9 am to 6 pm at par with the normal employees of the company. You will be assigned a project from your work manager which you have to complete before the end of your internship program.

You are requested to be present at the administrative hall of our company on 10th August at 10 am sharp for completing all the paperwork and other legal formalities. You can contact our office in case you have any problem regarding the issue. I wish a pleasant stay in our company and all the best for your future.

Thanking you

Hennery Fletcher

Director (HR Section)

Innovative Software Private Limited

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