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How To Write Fax Letters

Faxing a letter is easier and faster than sending them through snail mail. This is, however, not the case for everyone because not all recipients have fax machines. Nevertheless, it is still best to know how you can write a fax letter and these are through the following:

  • When writing fax letters, it is best to choose a paper of high quality. If you are writing a formal or business letter, it is best to choose a plain white high quality paper that transmits cleanly through fax machines.
  • Start writing your fax by following the structure of a letter or the format given to you, if any.
  • It is best to put page numbers, like “page 1 of 3”, so that the recipient will know the number of pages to expect.
  • Once you are through writing your letter, send a test fax to yourself so that you will know how the letter will look like once sent to the recipient.

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