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How To Write Emails

When writing an email, you should first fill in the fields for “To:”, “From:”, “Date:”, “Subject”. Sometimes when there is a need to send to more than one recipient, you have to fill in the “cc” and “bcc” fields too.

It is important to write a subject or title to the email so that the recipient will know what the email is all about. If it is urgent, it is best to indicate the word urgent in the subject field so the recipient will know it is of high importance. Your subject should be short and specific to convey the whole idea of the message.

For the body of the email, start with a salutation. Then start writing your purpose for the email. It is important that you give the full details of why you are writing. Notice that this part is just the same as writing a letter.

You may also add attachments of files and documents to the letter if needed. Do not forget to put your name at the end of the email so the recipient will know from whom the email came from. This is important especially that email addresses are sometimes vague.

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