Recommendation Letters

How to Write a Recommendation Letter

In writing a recommendation letter, there are important things that must be included within this type of letter. It is very important to include the title or the position you are recommending a person to in order to avoid confusion. Remember that a recommendation letter serves as an endorsement instrument for a person to other people in which accurate and real information should be in the content of a recommendation letter.

A recommendation letter must also contain the name of the person you are endorsing. The person whom you are referring to might create confusion that is why the name of the person must be clearly indicated in the recommendation letter. Proper details of the one recommended must be attached with the recommendation letter or may also be referred to the person who is recommending.

Basic tasks accomplished, major accomplishments and skills of the person you are recommending are some of the major inclusions for a recommendation letter. Other recommendation letters would be received by the recipient that is why all necessary information about the person’s best skills, accomplishments and other tasks completed must be included in the recommendation letter.

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