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How to Request a Recommendation Letter

Having a recommendation letter is necessary for every person seeking for a job. Nowadays, if you do not have a recommendation letter, you may find it hard to land a job even though you are qualified for the position. A recommendation letter is a type of letter in which the writer emphasizes the abilities, characteristics and the qualities of a person being recommended. It helps the employer get the idea of what a person can do especially in the position being applied for. Letters of recommendation are commonly used by many people in relation to employment, scholarship eligibility, school admission and trainings.

Requesting for a recommendation letter can be conveniently done if you know where to file a request. If you are a student, you may simply get your recommendation letter from a faculty member. Do not be anxious when asking for a recommendation letter since it is a part of the tasks of every faculty member and they are even required to give it to an outstanding student. For recent employees, you may simply ask for a recommendation letter from your boss or manager. Doing so gives you an advantage over some applicants because you already have experience along with a recommendation letter.

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