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Internship Recommendation Letter

To Whom It May Concern:

With pride and confidence, I am writing to you because Marie Manhattan deserves a strong consideration for your internship program.

When I saw Marie, one of my students in the afternoon class, I easily noticed her skill and potential as a good intern because she was able to do the task which I have given to her in time. I can say that she is hardworking, enthusiastic, active and won’t leave the job unfinished.

When it comes to her grades, I can assure you that she is above average. Her grades are simply outstanding both to academic and non-academic. She was able to maintain good grades despite her busy activities outside the school so you can be assured that she is suitable for the internship.

Marie Manhattan is one of the brightest student that I have ever known. I am proud of her and I am confident enough to recommend her to your internship program. She will truly be a productive intern and you can put your trust in her.

Very truly yours,

Jackie Rice

Faculty Member

University of Indianapolis

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