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Hospital Fundraising Letter

March 23, 2010

Mr. Peter Brown


UK Cancer Awareness Society

Dear Mr. Brown,

Warm greetings!

The North Antrim Clinic is a local hospital providing for medical needs of hundreds of patients daily.  We currently have 10 buildings with the capacity to give service to one thousand patients.

Last month, one part of our emergency room building was damaged due to a minor fire accident.  We hope to re-construct the area immediately and buy new and better equipment so hospital operations could improve.

The hospital’s insurance will cover the damages caused by the fire accident, but we will be needing more funds for the new equipment.  We are raising funds amounting to £100,000.

As an organization that supports endeavors in the field of medicine, we will be most grateful if we will be considered as one of your beneficiaries.

Please contact us at 01943-810-542 for more information.

Thank you.


Mr. Paul Johnson

Director, North Antrim Clinic

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