Holiday Letters

Holiday Notice Letter


Helen Hunt

HR Manager

Tin Manufacturers Limited

23 Eastern Highway Drive

Holly Wood, Los Angeles 5678

Dated: 5th of April 2012

Subject: Notice period for holidays

Respected Miss Hunt,

The purpose of this letter is to serve as a notice for the holiday that I would require in the month of May for a period of two weeks.

My younger sister’s marriage has been fixed next month on 15th of May 2012. I need to be there in my hometown for that reason and I have to reach there one week before the marriage in order to take care of the preparations. As a result I need to be there for at least two weeks.

I would be highly grateful if you consider my holiday notice and grant me two weeks holiday from 7th of May till 20th of May.

Thanking you,

Jack Ripper

Senior Supervisor

Manufacturing Department

in Manufacturers Limited

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